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Activated Alumina | adsorbent desiccant
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Contact Info

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Activated Alumina

Activated alumina is an aluminum oxide bead with an extremely porous structure and high surface area-to-mass ratio. Activated alumina has a wide variety of applications, including compressed air and gas drying.

In compressed air and gas drying applications, activated alumina will achieve dew points -40°F to -100°F, depending on the dryer design.

In compressed air desiccant dryers, a 1/8" (2-5 mm) activated alumina bead is most commonly used. The ¼" (5-10 mm) activated alumina bead is typically used as a pre-bed for supporting large desiccant beds or as a buffer for silica gel beds. The 3/16" (5-10 mm) bead is used when pressure drop and surface area requirements fall between the 1/8" and ¼" material.



Features and Benefits

  • High adsorption capacity for reducing initial cost, energy consumption, and operating costs
  • Low abrasion for ensuring minimal dusting and a low pressure drop
  • Resistant to liquid water slugging resulting from the failure of up stream after-coolers, separators, or drain traps. The adsorption capacity of the desiccant can be restored after complete regeneration.
  • High crush strength for limiting dusting during loading of desiccant into dryer towers
  • Uniform bead size minimizes pressure drop, channeling, and ensures utilization of the full desiccant bed
  • In regenerative drying systems, Van Air activated alumina beds are sized for a service life of 2-5 years
  • Available in 25lb pails, 50lb bags, 375lb steel drums and 2,000lb bulk bags

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