Contaminants take many forms in compressed air and gas systems. Small particles of atmospheric dust not removed by compressor intake filters are concentrated during compression. Pipe scale forms over time by the interior rusting of air lines. Dirt and debris can enter gas lines from the well. Hot running lubricated compressors introduce hydrocarbons when lubricants break down.

Over time these contaminants will wear out seals, damage sensitive instruments and pneumatic tools, foul heat exchangers & desiccant beds, and cause costly downtime.

Put Van Air filters and elements to work and see the difference that clean, trouble free air and gas make in your system.

Particulate and Coalescing Filters

Van Air offers a wide range of filter housing designs to match the flow, pressure, and performance requirements of virtually any application.

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Van Air Filter Elements

Rid your compressed air or gas system of harmful oil aerosols, oil vapors, dirt, and pipe scale with Van Air filter elements. Van Air is the original manufacturer of 10 grades of filter elements for particulate removal, oil aerosol coalescing, and vapor adsorbing applications.


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