Simple fixes for an application that was utilizing a refrigerated dryer. Recently a distributor of ours called in about an application they were troubleshooting.  They were working with a local BMW plant that was experiencing moisture problems downstream of their refrigerated dryer.

The refrigerated dryer wasn’t working because it couldn’t keep down the moisture content in the compressed airline. Moisture kept making its way downstream.  The compressed air was critical to the production line for this plant. This compressed-air was running various pneumatically controlled valves.  We all know the price of costly downtime, but imagine how much money was lost in production with a BMW plant for two hours for a repair, let alone a day if the part needed to fix the refrigerated dryer wasn’t readily available.  The customer believed stopping production and replacing the electronics inside these valves was the solution.

However, we offered a very cost-effective solution:

 Installing a Van Air Systems F200 Series - Coalescing Pre-Filter, an ID Series point-of-use dryer filled with 8 lbs. of color-changing silica gel, and a 1-Micron F200 series particulate after-filter.  Our recommended solution permanently fixed the moisture issues for this plant with the newly implemented Van Air Systems equipment and a simple maintenance schedule.

We all know that moisture in compressed air happens too frequently in plants worldwide. Many automotive plants, autobody, and mechanic shops have the same or similar issues.  Now I wouldn’t call an apple store to fix my car problems.  However, I’d call the experts at Van Air Systems or their many distributors worldwide who can help with a permanent solution for your compressed air system.

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