Van Air Systems has been around since 1944. We have had our share of custom-built systems for unique applications in the compressed air and natural gas industry. But, big or small, we do it all. Our goal is to help keep your compressed air or natural gas problem-free.

We build portable compressed air systems - The Blast Pak PRO's, which are ideal for mobile painting and blasting contractors. These units are all-in-one. They include a deliquescent air dryer, removable aftercooler, F200 filter, and it's conveniently welded to a forklift skid. It also comes with the best warranty in the industry and an initial fill of desiccant.

We also do a similar package that is geared toward the gas market. These are our Gas Pak Pros. They offer a portable solution for natural gas dehydration. They include a portable forklift skid, a PLD natural gas dryer, prefilter, and after the filter and are built specifically for your natural gas dehydration needs.

We recently just finished a custom-built compressed air dryer package for a customer. These dryers were built for shipyard blasting. These were the largest Blast Pak PRO units we have ever built. We worked with the customer to build a unit specific to their application's needs.

The Largest Blast Pak Portable Air Drying Package we have built. Look at these beauties! The size of the dryer and aftercooler on these units was fascinating! Such a fun project to see the final look on!

If you have a unique compressed air drying or natural gas dehydration application that has limiting specifications. Please give us a call. We can work with you and your customer to provide you a product that meets your needs. No matter the size or type of application, we have worked with it all. Dry Air Matters, and we will do our best to provide you a solution!

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