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Deliquescent Pipeline Dryers

As the industry leader in deliquescent desiccant technology, Van Air Systems designed the PLD to be an economical and effective solution for gas dehydration.

Operation of the PLD is simple. Wet gas enters the bottom of the vessel where gas velocity is reduced and flow direction is changed. In this area, heavier drops of entrained water are separated and fall into the large capacity claim area. The gas then moves upward through the bed of deliquescent desiccant tablets, which slowly dissolve as they absorb moisture vapor. The water and desiccant solution fall into the claim area to be drained - the brine solution will not freeze above -20ºF. New desiccant tablets are periodically added. At the dryer outlet, the gas is free of liquid water and water vapor is substantially reduced, eliminating the possibility of hydrate formation.







Features and Benefits

  • No BTEX emissions
  • Flow capacities up to 15.2 MMCFD at 1450 psig
  • Standard vessels with pressure ratings of 280 psig, 720 psig and 1450 psig
  • Low pressure drop
  • Vessels built and stamped to ASME code





  • Natural gas dehydration at the well head
  • Dry fuel gas to prevent freeze-ups
  • Inhibit hydrate formation
  • Protect meters, regulators, and instruments
  • Meet pipeline water specifications and eliminate TEG dehydrators


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