Seed production plant moisture problems solved with a Van Air Systems Deliquescent Desiccant Dryer.

A seed multiplication business specializing in hybrid seed production was experiencing moisture problems during their packaging process of sunflower seeds. The moisture was causing lost profits and costly downtime.  Sunflower seeds would need to be thrown out. The company would shut down and blow all the air lines in the system out, basically opening everything up, which they thought was removing the moisture problems.  A coalescing filter housing was installed, thinking it would remove all the condensate in the compressed air lines but this is a widespread misconception. A coalescing filter housing will prevent oil carryover from the compressor and contaminates from reaching the dryer/product, and it will coalesce liquid. However a coalescing filter housing will never remove moisture vapor.  If a customer requires clean, dry moisture-free compressed air, some type of compressed air dryer would need to be implemented into their compressed air system, followed by an after filter.

Our distributor Beckwith and Kuffel helped this hybrid seed company to install a D-Series Deliquescent Desiccant Dryer to help combat the moisture in their outside bag house. Their customer was very pleased with the D20 D-Series Deliquescent Dryer, stating "We have yet to find moisture in any line or in any usage. We drain the tank daily and there is always a decent volume of water. We are very happy with the purchase and wished we knew of it sooner."

D-Series D20 Deliquescent Dryer installed at a Hybrid Seed Production Plant

D-Series Deliquescent Desiccant Dryers are the perfect simple and affordable solution to removing moisture from compressed air lines. They can be installed indoors or out. Ideal for a wide range of applications, these compressed air dryers protect against freeze-ups in the winter and liquid in the summer. They have no moving parts and require no electricity.

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Distributor Credit -  Beckwith and Kuffel

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