PLDA salesman with our distributor in Williston, North Dakota, called earlier this week with some technical questions about silica gel desiccant.
With his questions answered, I now had some of my own.  How’s business?  What have you been up to?  I knew that he’d sold some small natural gas dryers and coalescing filters recently, but I’d heard nothing of the application and wanted to learn more.

The dryers and filters, he reported, are going on fuel gas lines for flares at oil wells.  These flares ignite with pilot flames, which require a small and steady trickle of gaseous fuel.  The fuel is untreated wellhead gas and therefore subject to fouling and freezing.  Drying and filtering the pilot fuel assures the flare tip will ignite, especially in the winter when the fuel might otherwise freeze.

Our deliquescent-style gas drying process is especially well suited to applications like.  Remote.  Outdoors.  No electrical power.

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