Is your fuel gas fired engine struggling to burn a wet fuel gas supply?

PROBLEM: It is very common to hear customers complain about their gas fired engines struggling to burn a wet fuel gas supply.  Although this problem occurs more frequently in the winter months where the engine, fuel line or fuel pod freezes almost daily, high fuel gas water content can also affect performance in the summer months.

INDUSTRIES AFFECTED: Natural Gas Power Generation, Natural Gas Engines, Valve and Instrument Protection.

SOLUTION:  A deliquescent desiccant type system is an ideal solution to this problem. Using Van Air Systems PLD Series Natural Gas Pipeline Dryers and one of the four available deliquescent desiccants, can reduce the water content of the gas to a 13% RH.  This type of system is also well suited for low pressure applications with higher inlet gas temperatures.  Van Air Systems PLD Series Natural Gas Pipeline Dryers can be installed outdoors in remote locations. Deliquescent desiccants are a simple, effective way to meet natural gas engine and generator moisture specifications. For more information on our PLD Series Natural Gas Dryers click here.

Van Air Systems is here to help with any Natural Gas questions you may have. Please feel free to call us at 1-800-840-9906. We are here to help find solutions to your applications!

For more information on our Deliquescent Desiccants please feel free to download our Deliquescent Desiccant Brochure.


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