PREP40 Portable Heatless Dryers

Several years ago I had a call from a customer that asked me if Van Air Systems built portable heatless dryers for the rental industry.  At that time, we had a heatless dryer that was skid mounted with an after cooler and filtration package, but it really was not meant for the rental industry.

Our engineers and I worked with this customer to develop a rugged design that would stand up to the harsh duty of the rental industry.  We call this series of dryers PREP 40 Portable Systems. The PREP 40 produces a constant -40F pressure dew point. They are available in sizes that match up to portable air compressors (400, 800, 1200, & 1600 SCFM).

Applications for portable dryers can originate from Industrial plants that may be planning an outage where they will perform maintenance on their existing stationary compressor and dryer.  During that outage they still need dry compressed air so they rent a portable air compressor and dryer.  Another scenario is their existing stationary dryer has a catastrophic failure and the customer must rent a dryer in a hurry so they do not have to shut down production.

During hurricane season industries located along U.S. coastlines will stage rental generators, air compressors, and dryers in the event of a power outage potentially saving them millions of dollars in lost production.FR-400_back-side

In the natural gas market, Van Air Systems is seeing a huge demand for portable compressed air drying equipment in the exploration and drilling sectors.  When drilling is complete the natural gas has to be transported via pipeline.  Once the pipelines are completed, and prior to being put into service, they must be hydro-tested to insure they are safe to operate at high pressures.  The contractor evacuates the water used for hydro-testing but the pipeline still contains moisture.  To make sure the pipeline is completely free of moisture portable rental air compressors and portable rental regenerative dryers are brought in to dry out the pipeline.  Pipelines are often cleaned and/ or inspected as will with PIGS (pipeline inspection gauges).  These PIGS are propelled thru the pipeline with high pressure compressed air.  Again dry compressed air is essential for this operation, so rental compressors and dryers are put in place to get the job done.

We are now almost 10 years into providing customers with high quality, reliable, plug and play portable heatless dryers.  We literally have hundreds of PREP 40 dryer systems in operation all over the U.S. and Canada.

If you need -40°F dew point compressed air and it has to be portable, please give me a call @ 1-800-840-9906 ext. 233 or send me an e-mail For more information on the Prep 40 Series from Van Air Systems click here.

Van Air Systems and the Prep 40 will be exhibiting at the Cat Rental Power show in San Diego, CA on March 27th, 2017. Stop by our booth #340 if you are in the area!

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