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10BF is the most effective deliquescent desiccant from Van Air Systems. Formulated primarily for the dehydration of natural gas and for use in Van Air Systems Pipeline Dryers, 10BF is a dense hygroscopic tablet that absorbs water vapor. The surface of the desiccant tablet dissolves slowly, forming a brine solution which drops from the surface. The tablet continuously dissolve, or deliquesces, until the desiccant is fully consumed.

Van Air Systems deliquescent desiccants, including 10BF, are non-toxic and fully water soluble.

In a properly sized Pipeline Dryer, 10BF will establish a relative humidity of 13%, which equates to a dew point depression of approximately 50-60°F.



Interested in learning more about Van Air Systems Deliquescent Desiccant?

Watch an instructional video on our deliquescent drying technology.

Features and Benefits

  • Requires no energy or fuel
  • For operating temperatures 100°F and lower
  • Prevents condensation
  • Inhibits natural gas hydrate formation
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Prevents air or gas line freeze-ups
  • Environmentally safe
  • Replace TEG dehydrators
  • No BTEX emissions
  • 1" diameter tablet
  • Little or no maintenance required for drying equipment
  • Available in 7lb pails and 25lb and 45lb pails


  • Meeting pipeline moisture specifications
  • Fuel gas dehydration
  • Instrument gas dehydration
  • Lowering dew point of chilled biogas and landfill gas for siloxane mitigation
  • Remote outdoor locations without electricity
  • Environments with electrical classification restrictions

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