When a trusted manufacturer commits to having key products in stock, all sorts of good things happen.   Distributors make more sales.  End-users are happy and become repeat customers.   Quick delivery from inventory is the basis for a virtuous cycle.

I’ve observed that in the compressed air industry, availability is often more important than price and product features.  For these reasons, we’re excited to be launching in February our new Quick Delivery Program.  The concept is simple.  Van Air Systems will guarantee shipment of any standard HLS or HL series heatless regenerative dryer, 55 to 500 SCFM, within three working days of order placement.  We will also guarantee shipment of any F200 series filter, 15 to 1250 SCFM.  To make this happen we’ve hired production staff and expanded fabrication and dryer assembly capability.

And should we miss a shipment date, we will directly pay our distributor’s sales person $50 per filter order and $100 per dryer order.   Why are we doing this?  Well, we recognize that many of our distributors have several sources of air treatment products.  And we want to compete for and earn your business.  Though our Quick Delivery Program, our actions will speak louder than words.

We know some things about committing to quick delivery.  Take for example the Blast Pak portable air dryer series.  We stock these dryers, 250 to 1600 SCFM, and the market has responded with applause.  Our most popular D Series single tower deliquescent dryers and PLD natural gas dryers are also stock items.  And they have been for years.

The lesson is simple: a commitment to delivering core products quickly is a sound business strategy.

The largest players in today’s air dryer market have implemented some version of the just-in -time concept to lower the cost of inventory, to improve manufacturing productivity or to increase earnings.  What’s lost in this process is the ability to satisfy customers’ demands.  Not delivering products to customers quickly can have dramatic consequences to the success of a business.  Are our larger (i.e. corporate) competitors intentionally disregarding customer needs?  Most likely not.   No company wants to deliver products to their customers in an untimely manner.  Yet not a workday goes by where I don’t receive a phone call from a distributor who reports our competitors' lead times for basic products are long.  This often results in a sale lost to the competitor and won for Van Air Systems.

We want you to know about our commitment to stocking core products.   When you need a heatless dryer or compressed air filter quickly, think Van Air Systems.  Van Air Systems distributors: look for an official e-mail and post card announcement of Van Air’s Quick Delivery Program in February.

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