Reliable Filters to Remove Contaminants from Natural Gas Systems

GF200 Series

Van Air Systems’ GF200 series coalescing and particulate filters are designed to remove contaminants from natural gas systems. Available in ¼” to 3″ NPT connection sizes and flow capacities from 15 to 1600 scfm at 100 psig in 16 housings and 9 filtration grades, the GF200 series removes oil aerosols, oil vapors, condensed water, and particulates. GF200 housings are made of cast aluminum and coated with an epoxy powder coating for corrosion resistance. All units include push-on elements with a durable polyester drain layer. Accessories include differential pressure indicators, wall mounting kits, connector kits and automatic drain valves.

Features & Benefits

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Flows up to 2,300 MSCFD at 100 PSIG
  • Maximum pressure of 250 PSIG
  • Push-on element for quick servicing
  • Green to red indicator gauge signals when element needs replacing
  • Long-lasting elements reduce maintenance costs


  • Instrument air filtration in hazardous area locations

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