Compressed air is often called the fourth utility. Nearly all industrial facilities run a compressed air system to operate tools, pneumatic controls, blasting cabinets, paint booths, and air driven processes. Heat, water, oil, and solid particles are damaging contaminants in all air systems. The removal of contaminants is essential for a productive and reliable compressed air system.Van Air Systems specializes in the production and application of deliquescent (“deli”) dryers and desiccants. Our marquee products in this category are the D Series air dryer and Dry-O-Lite desiccant. These products satisfy a niche within the industrial air drying market and are best applied in tough operating environments described as Dirty, Dusty, Dangerous or Outdoors. From asphalt plants, to sawmills. From compressor stations to mines. Our deli dryers work where others fail.

Within the industrial compressed air market Van Air Systems also manufactures filters, heatless desiccant dryers, and automatic condensate drains.

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