Compressed air is often called the fourth utility. Nearly all industrial facilities run a compressed air system to operate tools, pneumatic controls, blasting cabinets, paint booths, and air driven processes. Heat, water, oil, and solid particles are damaging contaminants in all air systems. The removal of contaminants is essential for a productive and reliable compressed air system.Van Air Systems specializes in the production and application of deliquescent (“deli”) dryers and desiccants. Our marquee products in this category are the D Series air dryer and Dry-O-Lite desiccant. These products satisfy a niche within the industrial air drying market and are best applied in tough operating environments described as Dirty, Dusty, Dangerous or Outdoors. From asphalt plants, to sawmills. From compressor stations to mines. Our deli dryers work where others fail.

Within the industrial compressed air market Van Air Systems also manufactures filters, heatless desiccant dryers, and automatic condensate drains.

News on Compressed Air Dryers For Industrial Applications

Power-Free Compressed Air Dryers for Sawmills, Asphalt Plants & Ready Mix Concrete

Sawmills, lumber yards, asphalt plants, and ready-mix concrete producers rely on compressed air to control automated equipment. Air cylinders and solenoid valves appear throughout these industrial facilities. These facilities’ air systems are often exposed to tough operating conditions, with extreme weather and plentiful dust and dirt.

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Full-Port Motorized Ball Drain Valves For Condensate Draining

Wet receiver tanks in compressed air systems are susceptible to internal corrosion even when coated on the inside. Corrosion falls to the bottom of the tank and mixes with condensed water. Flakes of rust and paint gather in the tank and then within the drain pipe.

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Single Tower Deliquescent Compressed Air Dryers For Moving Equipment & Mobile Trailers

Not all air systems are stationary. Compressed air is often required on equipment that moves and work trailers for sandblasting, painting, and air brake recharging in rail yards. In the oil and gas industry work over rigs use compressed air.

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Stationary Compressed Air Dryers For Biogas At Wastewater Treatment & Landfills

Wastewater treatment plants and landfills produce biogas, a mixture of methane, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. Many WWT plants and landfills burn the gas on-site to produce hot water or electricity.

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Compressed Air Filtration For OEMs

Many classes of automated equipment require clean compressed air, from paint mixing systems to railcar air brakes, from gas generators to dental compressors to CNG vehicles. Van Air Systems produces F200 series filters to meet the compressed air filtration needs of original equipment manufacturers.

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