Specialty equipment rental companies play an important role supporting manufacturers, power plants, mines, refiners, and chemical producers. When a critical piece of equipment goes down, sustaining production is vital. Equipment rental companies step in with the know-how and assets to keep their customers up and running.

Compressed air dryers are an important part of most industrial facilities. Most pneumatic devices and processes require clean, dry compressed air. When a plant’s compressed air dryer goes down either for routine or unplanned maintenance, a portable rental dryer is essential for keeping the plant air system running smoothly.

Van Air Systems produces a range of compressed air dryers that are robustly designed for portable and temporary use. Van Air Systems supplies compressed air dryers to our skilled partners in the rental industry.

News on Compressed Air Dryers For Construction Contractors

Temporary & Portable Air Dryers for Plant Air Dryer Back-Up

Compressed air is a vital utility in most manufacturing and industrial environments. Many plants simply cannot produce and operate without a reliable source of clean, dry compressed air. Air system outages are an unfortunate fact of life. Some outages are for planned maintenance and can be carefully choreographed.

Rental Air Compressors for Pipeline Dew Point Drying

When a new pipeline is constructed it needs to be hydrostatically pressured tested – hydro testing for short – to ensure there are no leaks in weld seams. This involves pressurizing a segment of the new pipeline with water. After successful hydro testing, the pipeline needs to be “de-watered”.

Portable Air Dryers for Abrasive Blasting & Painting

Commercial blasting and painting contractors need the right equipment to complete job on-time, on budget. Sometimes it makes financial sense for the contractor to purchase the equipment needed for a job, and other times it makes more sense to rent the equipment.

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