Peak Performance for Natural Gas Dehydration

Special Purpose “SP”

SP is a leading deliquescent desiccant formulated primarily for the dehydration of natural gas for use in Van Air Systems Pipeline Dryers when the gas temperature is below 80°F. SP is a dense hygroscopic tablet that absorbs water vapor. The surface of the desiccant tablet dissolves slowly, forming a brine solution which drops from the surface. The tablet continuously dissolves, or deliquesces, until the desiccant is fully consumed.

Van Air Systems deliquescent desiccants, including SP, are non-toxic and fully water soluble. In a properly sized Pipeline Dryer, SP will establish a relative humidity of 33%, which equates to a dew point approximately 30°F lower than the temperature of the gas at the inlet of the dryer.

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 27 degree dew point suppression
  • For operating temperatures 70°F and below
  • Inhibits natural gas hydrate formation
  • Prevents gas line freeze-ups
  • Up to a 33% equilibrium RH


  • Pre absorption for higher grades of desiccant
  • Fuel gas & biogas dehydration
  • High pressure - low temperature sales gas

Interested in Learning more about Van Air Systems Special Purpose “SP”? Watch an Instructional Video which will tell you more about it

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