Portable Air Compressors are used on-site at jobs everywhere. You notice them at construction sites, on the sides of highways for projects, and in numerous other jobs that require compressed air.

One thing that many people forget is when air comes out of the compressor; it's hot. This is why an aftercooler is essential. An aftercooler takes in the hot compressed air and uses ambient air blowing against the fan to draw out the heat of the compressed air. As a result, it radiates the heat away, which allows moisture to drop out when you cool the air.

Van Air Systems has a portable solution that is ideal for all portable air compressors. The Cool Pak delivers cool filtered air for portable jobs. It was designed for use with portable 185 CFM compressors and reduces the harmful effects of liquid contaminants.

The Cool Pak consists of an air-cooled aftercooler with a 12 VDC motor, a 25-micron air filter/bulk moisture separator, and a manual drain. It's conveniently packaged on an aluminum constructed stand, with a rock guard and protective cord wrap for ease of portability.

Although space is limited on the tongue of a compressor, ELGI Portable Compressors found enough room to mount our Cool Pak to cool and filter the air coming out of their portable compressors. This is exactly how we envisioned the Cool Pak to be used. The Cool Pak allows customers to have cool filtered air downstream. Knowing your compressed air is protected is the security that ELGI compressors provide their customers. For more information on their portable compressors, click here.

If you would like more information on our Cool Pak Series, give us a call at 1-800-840-9906.

Special thanks to ELGI Portable Compressors for sharing this photo with us and for working with us!


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