Do you work on a construction job site? Bridge blasting? Painting? When using compressed air on the job site its vital to have clean compressed air.  Removing moisture from the air protects tools from being ruined or causing unwanted downtime. During hot humid days, moisture-free compressed air keeps blasting media dry and protects against freeze-ups in the winter. So when using compressed air or using a diesel-powered air compressor an aftercooler system may just be the answer to ALOT of moisture problems for those instances where a dryer may not be an economical solution.

Why is an aftercooler important? 

  • It cools the air discharged from the air compressor
  • Helps reduce the moisture content in the compressed air
  • Protects your downstream equipment

What types of applications would benefit from a Portable Aftercooler System?

  • Portable Blasting Jobs
  • Construction Sites
  • Any job that needs to protect air tools

An Aftercooler System - like no other, completely portable, efficient, and dependable.

Van Air Systems just launched the COOL PAK PRO - After-cooler System. This portable air-cooled after-cooler cart is unlike anything on the market today! Designed with contractors in mind and the importance of portability. The Cool Pak PRO consists of a Oil-less air motor, an after-filter/separator with a manual drain, all constructed on a completely portable wheel cart. This Aftercooler system from Van Air Systems can be easily moved around on the job site. Its wheels and heavy-duty handle allow for easy transport. It also is the only air-cooled aftercooler system today that has two different operating positions. Most aftercooler systems have filters that are located on the high points of the system.  When the afterfilter/separator is located on the high point of the system, moisture cannot be removed properly. The Cool Pak PRO Aftercooler/filter system solves this problem by being the only aftercooler system to be designed to lay down on its back. In this orientation, the filter/separator is moved to the lower point in the system.

This makes the Cool Pak PRO the most efficient aftercooler system on the market today!

For a closer look at the new Cool Pak PRO Portable Aftercooler System watch our product video below:


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