Water in compressed air lines causes paint and coatings to drip, bubble, and “fish-eye”. Wet compressed air may also dilute the paint, both increasing the cure time and affecting the adhesion of the coating to the steel surface. Properly cooling, drying, and filtering compressed air eliminates re-work and increases the quality of the paint job.

The Blast Pak is uniquely designed for coatings contractors working on infrastructures such as bridges, water towers, ships, storage tanks, and pipelines. These jobs require portability and a compact footprint. The Blast Pak cools, dries, and filters compressed air in a single package that requires no electrical power.

Van Air Systems manufactures a range of stationary compressed air dryers that are ideal for any coating application. The Moisture Boss is a low-cost point-of-use dryer designed for the under 7.5 HP air compressor market, making it ideal for the small paint booths and single paint guns used by DIY enthusiasts, auto body repair shops, and woodworking shops. For larger stationary application, see the D series air dryers.

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