Last week a customer called to say he was very pleased with an MDV-400I Motorized Drain Valve he had purchased. His MDV-400I included a ½” stainless steel valve. He purchased the MDV400 to periodically backflush and clean a filter for sediment separation.  While he was pleased with the excellent clog and corrosion resistance of the stainless steel ball valve, he reported having difficulty setting up a proper timing sequence to minimize water usage.  In short, he only wanted the ball valve to actuate when the filter needed cleaning.  No more.  No less.

After talking through the application I discovered that his backwash pumps were controlled by a PLC.  Bingo!  I carefully instructed him on how to control the automatic drain using the same PLC.MDV400-stainless

Out of the box, the MDV400-I and MDV400-L are set to actuate strictly on the internal timer.  But you have the flexibility to override and/or eliminate the timing function in both automatic drain valves.  Download the operation manuals for a complete picture of the control flexibility inherent in these auto drains.

The customer called me back a few days later. He was thrilled to say that he’d installed relays between the MDV-400I and the PLC.  He was now operating the motor actuated ball valve via the demand signals that also control the pumps.

To learn more about the flexibility of these auto drains, download brochures, manuals, and drawings by clicking here.  To make a purchase, contact the nearest Van Air Systems distributor or shop online.

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