North American Services is located in Elk River, MN and offers a variety of water and abrasive cleaning services throughout the US. One of the services they offer is Dry Ice Blasting. Dry ice blasting works well cleaning surfaces that have crusted dirt and grime and is not abrasive enough to harm painted surfaces. It also leaves zero secondary waste such as sand or glass bead and replaces hundreds of gallons of water in cases where you should use water blasting. Dry ice blasting equipment is air driven and requires air to actuate valves and screws which feed dry ice pellets into the system. Air locks and air driven ratchets turn an essential auger and are the main pneumatic components of this equipment. If these or any other components of the system receive wet air it makes it very difficult to operate.


  • Wet compressed air in the pneumatic components cause operational issues.
  • Dry ice pellets become clogged, causing downtime.


North American Industrial Services installed a portable trailer package that contains (2) 375 SCFM Sullair portable compressors that feed into a Van Air Systems Blast Pak dryer. Prior to adding the Blast Pak, the on board coolers provided by the compressors alone were not effective enough at removing moisture. The moisture caused by occasional delays and interruptions of operations on humidity rich days. The Blast Pak from Van Air Systems now provides North American Industrial Services efficient, trouble-free operation. This allows North American Industrial Services to finish jobs without issues and allows them to move quickly onto their next project.

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