Recently a distributor of ours, Capital Machinery, located in Indiana, worked with a  manufacturer on a unique application.

The application: Thermal Oxidizer Actuator Protection

What is a thermal oxidizer, and how is it used?

A thermal oxidizer is a combustion system used to control air pollution by destroying hazardous air pollutants (HAP), volatile organic compounds (VOC), and odorous emissions discharged from industrial processes.

This manufacturer utilizes a gel coat process in their manufacturing. This process emits non-harmful but strong odors. While harmless to workers, these odors could be bothersome to neighboring companies in the area if not mitigated. A thermal oxidizer essentially turns fumes and odors into harmless carbon dioxide and water, thus eliminating any odors escaping the facility. Thermal oxidizers use compressed air to actuate solenoids that make the system's operation possible.

However, if the plant’s compressed air lines develop condensate in the winter months, these solenoids, which are located outdoors can experience ice and freeze. This disables the oxidizer and results in downtime. Valves can foul and fail in the summer months as well, due to excessive moisture.

Capital Machinery was called on by this manufacturer because their oxidizer, which sets outside in ambient environments was experiencing intermittent failures due to solenoid freeze ups.  The plant’s central refrigerated dryer was never intended to protect outside compressed air lines in the winter and allowed a great deal of moisture to condense during very cold days.

Capital Machinery helped solve this customer’s moisture issue by incorporating the assistance of Van Air System’s unique air treatment products. To ensure that clean, dry compressed air is supplied to the sensitive solenoids in the oxidizer, the manufacturer installed a Van Air Systems MHL-50 Regenerative Dryer paired with  F200 Series Compressed Air Filters. A D8 Deliquescent Dryer is used at this facility on weekends as an alternative to the MHL, which is taken offline during that period. Van Air Systems air treatment products ensure the continued efficient operation of this critical manufacturing component.

A special thanks to Butch Underwood and Capital Machinery for sharing this unique application with us. For more information on Deliquescent Dryers or Heatless Regenerative Dryers, contact us at 1-800-840-9906.


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