OEM Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) commonly specify and install point of use compressed air filtration.  These filters are installed directly at the air inlet to the machine, panel, actuator, cylinder or whatever the pneumatic device or process may be.  This is certainly a sound engineering practice even in instances where adequate air filtration exists on the mainline.

Dust, dirt, and pipe scale inevitably appear in the mainline, especially as piping systems age.  Point of use filtration assures the removal of these solid particulate contaminants before the compressed air enters the pneumatic device.

When selecting a compressed air filter the OEM has a number of variables to consider, ranging from the size of the filter to the filtration efficiency, as measured by particle size removal.  Initial cost, pressure rating, materials of construction, country of origin, available accessories, and even color are factors an OEM must weight when considering a compressed air filter.

To this list of items, I also suggest that any OEM should carefully look at the construction of the filter element.  Not all filter elements are created equally.  How resistant will the element be to collapse from differential pressure?  How resistant are the materials to various compressor lubricants and trace solvents that might be ingested into the air system?

Do you work for an OEM needing to ensure the supply of clean, dry compressed air to your equipment?  I’d be glad to speak with you about your application.  Tyler.currie@vanairsystems.com

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