Van Air Systems works with customers on all different types of applications. If you are working with compressed air, natural gas, chances are our products just may be useful to you, whether you realize it or not.

Phoenix Energy Corp is based out Alabama, they specialize in providing "turn-key' compressed natural gas (CNG) services to the south east. Phoenix Energy Corp designs, builds and maintain CNG stations used to refuel vehicles for both commercial and residential customers.

Desiccant Dryer used with CNG Refueling UnitOne of their customers was utilizing a natural gas well on their property and was experiencing moisture issues. They were using a home refueling unit purchased from Phoenix Energy Corporation to power their Ford F-150 that runs on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). However they were experiencing issues with moisture in the natural gas, so w

ith the help of Van Air Systems Deliquescent Desiccant Dryer they were able to properly dry the compressed natural gas. Now their customer can save money every mile they drive.

Do you have a natural gas well on your property? Are you using a home CNG refueling unit for your vehicles? Experiencing moisture in your natural gas? A deliquescent desiccant dryer just may help solve your moisture problems as well. Our desiccant dryers are affordable, easy to use, trouble-free, require no power and can be installed indoors or out. For more information on our deliquescent desiccant dryers, please give us a call. We would be happy to help provide solutions to your compressed air and natural gas applications.

Special thanks to Phoenix Energy Corporation for sending us this picture of our products working together.



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