Van Air Systems has assisted in some pretty unique applications over our 75+ years in the industry. We always like to see how our products are used and open doors for new opportunities and solutions for all our customers.

This application is a unique one to say the least. What is a swamp buggy or semi-crawler? These units are used to move in a boggy swamp or rough terrain. They may be purpose built, or vehicles modified to deal with the requirements to move around a swamp or rough terrain. Most are able to move about on dry land, shallow mud, sand, shallow water and sometimes deep mud.

Deliquescent Desiccant Dryer

D-series Compressed Air Dryer used on a swamp buggy/semi-crawler used for sandblasting pipelines.

We recently helped a distributor of ours that was working with a customer that builds these swamp buggies and semi crawlers. The customer would put air compressors, compressed air dryers and filters on the crawler. Along with blasting equipment for sandblasting pipelines. This current application showcases the swamp buggy/semi crawler utilizing a D-24 D-Series Deliquescent Desiccant Dryer and compressed air filters.

The D-Series Deliquescent Dryer is the most versatile compressed air dryer on the market. It's affordable and simple to use. Remember there are no moving parts with this dryer, no electricity is required and, can be installed indoors or out. You just fill it up with Deliquescent Desiccant and watch it work. Providing clean, dry, compressed air. So when you see an application like this, it really showcases that...The Single Tower Deliquescent Dryer from Van Air Systems really can be used anywhere. If you are using compressed air, and are concerned about moisture problems, think Van Air Systems - and check out the D-Series Dryers.

Our team is always available to help you find a compressed air or natural gas solution to any type of application!



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