Van Air Systems has been serving the portable compressed air treatment market for a number of years.   Along the way, we’ve learned that the needs of small compressor users are much different from those of medium to large compressor users.

Typically a contractor who rents or owns 185 to 250 SCFM portable compressors is not using the machine for critical applications that demand compressed air drying packages, such as our Blast Pak or Prep 40 Series.  These contractors want to cool the outlet air temperature and remove bulk moisture and oil as it condenses.  Applications that fall into this category include the use of pneumatic tools such as paving breakers, rock drills, chipping hammers, impact wrenches, dual action sanders and the like.  The main goal of compressed air treatment here is to protect those pneumatic tools from liquid water and oil which causes damage and shortens the life of pneumatic tools.

It’s critical to point out that cooling and filtering compressed air is not the same as drying it.  Yes, cooling and filtering compressed air will substantially lower the moisture content.  But no cooler or filter will lower the dew point of compressed air below the ambient air temperature.  Only a dryer will reduce the compressed air dew point below that of the surrounding air.  This reduction is what’s necessary to be 100% certain that no liquid is present at the point-of-use.

I personally advise users of small compressors who’re performing sandblasting and painting jobs that they really need air dryers to obtain the proper surface profile.  After all, only a dryer guarantees zero liquid in the blast pot and spray nozzle.  This is the ideal goal.  But frankly this recommendation often does not fly for small blasting and painting jobs where dollars are extremely tight.  Perception is reality.  And the perception among many contractors is that even a small dryer such as our FD-250 Blast Pak adds too much capital expense to make a contract bid successful.

These contractors want a cost effective skid mounted package that will get them some reasonable level moisture removal, without the cost of a dryer.  We listened to what our customers wanted and Van Air Systems developed a product for them called the Cool Prep.

From the photo you can see that the Cool Prep is a simple, durable, and compact aftercooler package mounted on a forklift skid with lifting lugs.

The skid-mounted components include:

* 15⁰ F approach air cooled after-cooler with an air motor

* Regulator and lubricator for the air motor

* Extra coarse coalescing moisture separator

* General purpose coalescing oil final filter

The Cool Prep is rated for the following conditions: 250 SCFM of compressed air at 100 psig, 180⁰ F inlet.

*Maximum working pressure is 250 psig.

* Unit weight is 280 lbs.

* Dimensions: 32 ½” L x 32 ½” D x 31” W

Again, please keep in mind that we are not drying compressed air with the Cool Prep.  In other words, we’re not lowering the dew point below the surrounding air temperature.  Instead we are cooling the compressed air to 15⁰ F above the of ambient temperature and then separating the condensed water and compressor oil.  Think of the Cool Prep as a bulk contaminant removal system for the cost conscious user of small portable diesel air compressors.

As always, please email me if you have any questions.

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