Did you know our deliquescent dryers can be used for Whiskey Distillery?

This article is a great example that shows it's not always the compressor losing efficiency. Your compressed air system may be the weakest link! Making sure you have the best-compressed air dryer, and filters for the job would be a great place to start when accessing your compressed air system.



The deliquescent dryer never loses air because we do not require any purge for proper operation. When using the air for hand tools and valves, there is no need for a large regenerative dryer. A deliquescent dryer is easier to operate, has virtually no maintenance, and is significantly less expensive. If your system needs -40 dewpoint air, think about using a much smaller regenerative dryer for that specific area of your plant.

Save time and money by using the best dryer for your particular plant. Planning and researching different dryer types is essential to ensure your compressed air system is efficient. Every application is different. Our special application specialists are always available to help figure out the best options for your type of application. Call us at 1-800-840-9906 and they can help you with your compressed air system.

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