We owe another thank you to Mr. Budi Raharjo of Pt. Proservindo Pratama in Jakarta, Indonesia for sharing this image of a deliquescent-type gas dehydration system.  Mr. Raharjo reports that this gas dehydration system was installed in December of 2013 and processes 5 MMSCFD at 350 - 400 PSIG, with an inlet gas temperature of 98F.  The dehydration system includes a Van Air Systems / Van Gas Technologies dryer model PLD36-7.2, GasDry Peak (SP) desiccant, a particulate filter, mechanical chiller, heat exchanger, and liquid separator.  The refrigeration system lowers the gas temperature to 55 to 58F.  The verified outlet moisture content is 10 lbs. water vapor per MMSCF.

Mr. Raharjo says his client is very pleased with the performance of the package, after six months of operation, and has asked for a system to process 40 MMSCFD.

Unlike TEG dehydrators, drying with deliquescent desiccant emits no vapor to the atmosphere.  The only waste product is salt water.

If you're in the ASEAN region, please contact Pt. Proservindo Pratama with questions.  In North America, please contact us directly at info@vanairsystems.com


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