Do you work with Natural Gas Generators? Do you experience issues with moisture? Here is a common complaint we often hear....your natural gas generator is not running properly and keeps shutting down? This causes unexpected downtime and lost productivity.

Here is a classic example, a customer called that was running 8-10 natural gas generators at a time.

This customer was experiencing moisture issues that were causing the generators to run terribly. These natural gas generators would shut down unexpectedly, causing production to stop. The relative humidity was above 50%.

After speaking to the customer about their issues, we found that the PLD- Pipeline Deliquescent

 Desiccant Dryers may be the best solution. Pipeline Deliquescent Dryers were designed to be an economical and effective solution for gas dehydration. The operation of the PLD is simple. First, wet gas enters the bottom of the vessel, where gas velocity is reduced and flow direction is changed. Next, heavier drops of entrained water are separated and fall into the large capacity claim area. The gas then moves upward through the bed of deliquescent desiccant tablets, which slowly dissolve as they absorb moisture vapor. Finally, the water and desiccant solution fall into the bottom to be drained – the brine solution will not freeze above -20ºF. As a result, the gas is free of liquid water at the dryer outlet, and water vapor is substantially reduced. Pipeline Natural Gas Dryers can be installed indoors or out, and no electricity is required.

Since installing our PLD Series Dryers, the servicing and downtime of these generators have decreased dramatically to routine preventative maintenance without the costly downtime.

If you are working with Natural Gas Generators and experiencing moisture issues, reach out to us at Van Air Systems, we may have an affordable solution to your moisture issues!





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