Have you ever thought of drying the air for your building? But you don’t use enough air to justify one of the fancy expensive units available today. Do you have a list of applications that require a dryer, but does not allow for the unit to be mounted permanently in one location?  Van Air Systems has the answer for your needs. New to Van Air Systems Portable Dryer lineup is the Dry Pak PRO Series. Rated for 185 SCFM, this new compact dryer series has helped remake portable compressed air treatment systems, providing a list of benefits that many environments can benefit from. This unit can be used when needed, or installed to run an entire facility. Featuring fork pockets, it can be moved anywhere a forklift can go, as well as loaded on to any vehicle.

Let’s talk about a real world application.... You have a compressor that does just fine for your shop, you do not use a ton of air, so you are not going to invest a lot of money in service and prevention. A breakdown occurs, you come in Monday morning to a maintenance guy and bad news that you have no air. Worst part is, you won’t have any until the parts come in.

So you call a rental place and get a tow behind compressor, you think this will get you by until you can repair your building’s compressor. Same flow, same pressure, all good right? Well, what you don’t realize is the older broke down compressor you have for your building has an onboard aftercooler and separator, to bring the temperature down and pull out water before heading out to the shop area. The rental unit is now pumping out hot, humid air, and starts saturating your lines with condensing water. Your sandblast cabinet, that required most of your shop air just plugged up. Now your temporary fix, just stopped you in your tracks.

Van Air Systems has the solution. The Dry Pak PRO. Dry Air Anytime. Anywhere.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Our new portable air drying system consisting of a D-Series Deliquescent Dryer, F200 Filter, an aftercooler with air motor and rock guard, and a regulator/lubricator.

The Dry Pak PRO is perfect for:

·       Shop Air Supply

·       Paint Shops

·       Stationary Blasting

·       Protecting Individual Production Equipment

·       Air tools


Do you have an application that requires a portable dryer? Call 1-800-840-9906 and we will help you find a solution! For more information on our new Portable Dryer the Dry Pak PRO click here.  

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