Cool Pak Pro Aftercooler Package

Cool Pak Pro

The Cool Pak PRO is an aftercooler system with a filter/separator which is similar to our Cool Pak but with
one distinct difference. We have placed it on a cart for mobility purposes. After further testing of our
original Cool Pak we realized having the filter/separator at the high point in the aftercooler system can
sometimes cause issues. The liquid created through cooling the compressed air always falls down to the
bottom of the aftercooler since water is heavier than air. Water accumulating and flooding the bottom of
the cooler drastically decreases performance because there is less capacity for the compressed air to be

The Cool Pak PRO solves this problem by being the only aftercooler system designed to be laid
down on it’s back! In this orientation, the swivel filter/separator is moved to the low point in the system which
allows it to actually function as intended. Its affordable, completely portable, and allows for two operating positions.   You can hook it up vertically or lay the Cool Pak Pro down which allows for optimal performance. The cart provides ease of use at the jobsite with a folding handle and wheels; moving from jobsite to jobsite is simple. The idea of this Cool PakPro is to allow jobs to have clean, cool compressed air with the most efficient aftercooler package available on the market.

Features & Benefits

  • Air Cooled Aftercooler with Air Motor
  • 250 CFM Max Flow Rating
  • Portable Cart
  • Dual Operating Positions


  • Portable Blasting
  • Construction Sites
  • Protecting Air Tools
  • Small Blast Pots

Interested in Learning more about Van Air Systems Cool Pak Pro? Watch an Instructional Video which will tell you more about it

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