Portable Duo Compressed Air Dryer Package

Dry Pak Pro Duo

The Dry Pak Duo was design that came from the common question we hear, “ Can I get the air even dryer?”. The answer is Yes! The Dry Pak Duo has the same components as the Blast Pak PRO, but with another drying level. This unit was designed for applications that require lower dew points than what our Dry-O-Lite desiccant can provide. Using two deliquescent dryer vessels in a series enables you to achieve a lower dew point. By using Dry-O-Lite desiccant in the first dryer vessel it will knock out a majority of the moisture. This pre-dryer will also reduce the consumption of 10BF which is in the second dryer. At 100PSIG and inlet temperatures up to 250°F, the Dry Pak Pro Duo can achieve pressure dewpoints down to 29°F using 10BF desiccant.

Along with the two dryer vessels the Dry Pak Duo also includes an aftercooler with air motor, and two F200 series filters. The Dry Pak Pro Duo has no power requirements and can be used anywhere. It has the ability to achieve lower dew points than refrigerated dryers and will not waste away electricity. This low cost system is perfect for small jobs that require super dry air. Larger vessel sizes are available upon request.

Features & Benefits

  • Air Cooled Aftercooler with Air Motor
  • 50 SCFM Max Flow Rating
  • No Moving Parts
  • Low Dew Point


  • Painting
  • Sandblasting
  • Shipbuilding
  • Protecting air tools
  • Instrument air

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