A vital part of any compressed air system is the Air Filter. We like to call these the “essential workers” of a Compressed Air System. Contaminants take many forms in compressed air and gas systems. Compressed air filters are designed to remove contaminants such as small dust particles, pipe scale, and lubricants from compressed air systems. Just like you change the oil in your car to keep it running without error, the same applies to compressed air filters. In order to keep your compressed air filter operating as efficiently as possible, you need to change your filter element periodically.

Why is it important to change out your filter element?

  1. Maintaining your elements will save energy as the compressor doesn’t have to overwork and prevent costly downtime.
  2. After a period of time, the performance of the element does degrade if not maintained correctly.
  3. If not changed promptly, the containments will weaken the elements' media, causing leaks or even a hole through it. This is why stage filtration is so crucial, as it’s an extra layer of protection.

Reasons you may need to change your filter element?

  1. High-pressure reading on your filter.
  2. When you notice your element media looking worn or having a rough appearance.
  3. If you see a decrease in your system flow rate.


Made in the USA Replacement Filter Elements.

At Van Air Systems, we are proud to say we build all our filter elements on-site, from start to finish. We start with the stainless steel inner and outer cores. Since we offer all filter element grades, they each require different media types to be rolled in.  Our replacement elements are rolled out and sealed with end caps. Van Air Systems replacement filter elements are packaged daily and in-stock, ready to ship.

When we recommend changing out your filter element:

Van Air Systems recommends that you change out Activated Carbon Filter Elements (RD Grades) every 6 months. We recommend that all other grades be changed every 12 months or notice one of the reasons we stated above.

Clean, dry compressed air is important. Help your compressed air filters do their job by keeping your air system running smoothly by changing out your filter elements periodically. This will help prevent downtime and reduce maintenance costs. Van Air Systems always has replacement filter elements in-stock and ready to ship. Not sure what type of filter element grade you need? Give us a call, and we will be happy to help find the replacement element that will work best for your application.

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