F-200-85-100 Manual Angled

F200 Series Compressed Air Filter

GF200 Series Natural Gas

Filters and separators protect downstream components from compressed air and gas contaminants such as water mist, particulates, Oil vapors and aerosols.  These common and present contaminants are known to damage equipment, foul processes and cause production losses.  Van Air System filters and separators are designed to remove these spoilers from air and gas lines.  Our filters and elements are handmade and inspected individually, for quality and reliability.  We recently reinforced our confidence in the craftsmanship of these products by offering a lifetime warranty on them.  Heads and bowls are covered on our F200 Series Compressed Air Filters, GF200 Series Natural Gas, and our new SEP Moisture Separators. This commitment ensures you are selecting a superior, American Made housing that adheres to consistent tolerances.

Filter Operation is simple.  Our hand rolled elements simply push on to the filter head.  No other pilot threads or rods are needed.  Both head and bowl utilize rugged cast aluminum, are machined threaded and powder coated for years of dependable service.  Rated flows on our F200/GF200 series filter lines range from 15 SCFM to 1600 SCFM, with connection sizes from ¼” NPT to 3” NPT.  All sizes accommodate up to 250PSIG maximum working pressure.

When purchasing your Van Air Systems compressed air filters, don’t forget about accessorizing them with our pressure differential gauges, automatic drain valves, connector kits, and wall mounting brackets.

Here is a video that helps explain how our compressed air and gas filters operate.


For more information or for help finding an appropriate filter and element for your application our team of experts is always here to answer any questions. Call1-800-840-9906 or email us at info@vanairsystems.com.



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