Ric Tower from Portland, Oregon recently contacted me via this blog. Ric leads a non-profit organization called Neuvas Sonrisas and performs pro bono dental care for children in Santa Catarina Mita, Guatemala. (Click here to learn more about his group.)


Ric wrote, “I run a number of 2 [horse power] compressors to power the dental units, including air supply to the air syringes for drying teeth. The sealant and composite materials are sensitive to moisture for quality bonding… I am not sure we can literally document the advantages of truly dry air on the dental bonding processes, but the dentists and techs feel it will increase the quality and longevity of the fillings and sealants.”

I worked with Ric to specify a small coalescing filter, model F200-25-B-AD-PD6, followed by an inline desiccant dryer model ID-15. With no moving parts or power requirement, this equipment is perfect for Ric’s application, which involves short-term intermittent air usage. He’s received the dryer and filter and is set to lead 20 dental professionals down to Guatemala in February. I wish them success and am glad to have played a bit role in making their service even better. I look forward to checking in with Ric next year to see how the filter and dryer perform.



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