Abrasive blast cabinets and booths are used to clean metal parts in a variety of industrial settings. Compressed air propels an abrasive media against the metal part, removing old paint, corrosion, scale, and other build up. Certain abrasives types are highly sensitive to moisture in the compressed air, especially steel grit and soda. Moisture in the air line also deposits a fine mist of water onto the blasted metal surface, which often leads to flash rusting on the part. Oil and compressor lubricant in the compressed air stream also foul both the abrasive media and the metal part being cleaned.

Van Air Systems manufacturers a range of compressed air dryers and filters for removing contaminants from compressed air to improve the performance of blast cabinets. D Series dryers are ideal for point-of-use service and can be quickly installed directly on the air feed to a blast cabinet or booth of virtually any size. D Series dryers consume no electrical power and purge no compressed air. When the blast cabinet or booth is not in operation, the dryer incurs no operating cost. Pressure loss through the dryer is less than 1%, preserving valuable pressure for the blasting job.

F200 filters remove oil mists and aerosols from the air line. A properly sized F200 filter exhibits less than 2 PSI of pressure loss in most applications. Oil removing filters should be used in any media blasting application where the media or the substrate cannot be exposed to lubricants.

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