Compressed air is widely used in the oil and natural gas industry to drive pneumatic pumps, operate drill rig controls, and to drive actuators and controllers at production sites. Often operating spaces at these sites have a hazardous area electrical classification, due to the presence of combustible vapor. Such classification restricts the type of electrical equipment that’s allowed to be installed.

Van Air Systems offers two distinct classes of compressed air dryer for hazardous area operation.

  1. D Series deliquescent dryers have no electrical components and can therefore be operated in any hazardous area. D Series dryers deliver a pressure dew point suppression as low as 63⁰ F below the air inlet temperature.
  2. HLSXA series dryers are heatless regenerative (pressure swing) style dryers that deliver true instrument quality air as defined by ISA. The HLSXA series has been designed for operating in hazardous areas per Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D.


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