We hear many different comments about our Deliquescent Dryers. One of the foremost common misconceptions we hear about our dryers is that they are challenging to Maintain. This is one misconception we want to squash right here and now. Deliquescent dryers require the least amount of maintenance out of any Compressed Air Dryer. No technician is needed, and no maintenance schedule is required.

Just like the fuel in your car, you must keep the fuel tank full for it to run. In a Deliquescent Dryer, you must keep the dryer vessel full of desiccant. It's simple to fill, easy to maintain. No pesky maintenance checks. It's virtually maintenance free. Make sure it is full of desiccant and watch it work. Our maintenance is so EASY - your kids could do it.

Take a look at this video by our future employees at Van Air Systems - Vinny and Sofia. They show you how easy it is to fill our deliquescent desiccant dryers.

If you have questions about our Deliquescent Desiccant Dryers or want to learn more please call us at 1-800-840-9906.



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