Recently one of our F200 Series Compressed Air Filters was installed on an aeration system manifold. Water aeration is the process of increasing or maintaining oxygen saturation. It can remove dissolved gasses and oxidizes metals such as iron. Aeration is commonly used in ponds, lakes and other water reservoirs to address oxygen levels or algal bloom.

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has a water aeration system installed for Lake Matthews. This aeration manifold  supplies air from two rotary screw compressors through a Van Air System Compressed Air F200-800 Series Filter to the diffuser units. Each diffuser unit is comprised of 300 orifice heads and is the size of a 59" Buick.

Compressed Air Filters used for Aeration

Van Air Systems F200-800-3-C-MD-PD6 Compressed Air Filter being used on an aeration manifold for Lake Matthews.

Van Air Systems F200 Filters series coalescing and particulate compressed air filters are designed to remove contaminants from compressed air systems. Available in ¼” to 3″ NPT connection sizes and flow capacities from 15 to 1200 scfm at 100 psig in 15 housings and 9 filtration grades, the F200 series filters remove oil aerosols, oil vapors, condensed water, and particulates. Van Air Systems compressed air filters can be used in a variety of applications to keep your airlines free of debris. For more information on compressed air filters or to help solve moisture problems in your application give Van Air Systems a call at 1-800-840-9906.

Application Credit:

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California                                                                                                           Riverside Conveyance & Distribution - Team Lake Mathews Operations





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