Ono Brewing Company located in Virginia is using a Moisture Block desiccant dryer and Van Air Systems oil water separator. Brew houses and keg cleaners have pneumatic valves and do a clean air purge of the kegs, so having clean,dry air is extremely important! Ono Brewing Company is a family-owned brewery in Chantilly, Virginia. They are a mid size brewery, 15 barrel Brew house with 30bbl Cellar. They brew craft beer on site and serve it in their own tasting room with unique self-serve beer wall. The President/Owner of Ono Brewing knew the importance of having clean, dry, filtered air for the pneumatic valves and keg cleaner. The $3500 price tag for a mechanical dryer was a lot of money to spend. Having worked with desiccant dryers in the past the owner googled desiccant air filters and came across the Moisture Block Point-of-Use air dryer.

Moisture Block Point-of-use Dryer

Moisture Block is a point-of-use compressed air dryer that uses Activated Alumina.

The Moisture Block is a simple, cost-effective point-of-use compressed air dryer. It's a unique point-of-use dryer that merges low initial cost and low operating costs. Built with an internal particulate filter the Moisture Block was designed for light industrial environments where dry compressed air is essential. With the use of activated alumina desiccant and it is capable of achieving a -40ºF pressure dew point. The Moisture Block drys and filters up to 30 CFM of compressed air, for use with an air system running a 7.5 HP and smaller air compressors. This unique air dryer allows you to spray paint, sandblast, run air tools or plasma cutters for months and even years before needing new desiccant.

We are happy to report that Ono Brewing Company is happy with their compressed air dryer system and that maintenance is minimal. If you are a brewery that is experiencing moisture problems in your compressed air lines, feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to help find you an affordable solution for your brew house.


Van Air Systems has many niche products that can be used in a variety of different applications. This is just another example how Dry Air Matters, even when it comes down to what it takes to enjoy a nice cold beer.

Credits: Ono Brewing Company: https://www.onobrewco.com/

Distributor Credit: https://moistureboss.com


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