The dairy farm industry is constantly evolving, and it's non-stop hard work. This is because there are so many factors that go into managing a herd. From technology and regulations to dairy cattle housing systems - and keeping your cattle comfortable. But one of the most crucial parts of a dairy farm is the milking parlor and milking machines. So efficiency is crucial to keeping your dairy farm producing.

Our distributor, Omaha Pneumatic, shared a recent installation of our Single Tower Deliquescent Dryer used on a compressed air system at a 3rd generation dairy farm.

This dairy farm was running two 5HP reciprocating air compressors and a small Boge refrigerated dryer. They upgraded to a 15HP rotary screw compressor because the reciprocating air compressors ran 23 hours a day. It is also a super rural area, and you could hear them 1/2 mile away. The compressed air dryer automatic drain valve was going off every 5 minutes and would spit out quite a bit of water. The compressed air they use runs the pumps that actually milk the cows. So slower processing or interrupted production could be costly. Omaha pneumatics helped this dairy farmer install a D8 Single Tower Deliquescent Dryer along with pre and after-compressed air filters.

Van Air Systems Deliquescent Dryers (D-series) can help keep dairy production moving along. Unlike refrigerated dryers, they require no moving parts, and no power is required. They are extremely simple to install, operate, and service. The deliquescent desiccant dryer has a 20° to 63° dewpoint suppression and can be installed indoors or out. With the help of this compressed air dryer system, the 3rd generation dairy farm can operate as efficiently as possible. In fact, they just celebrated their anniversary.

If you are a dairy farm experiencing downtime, your gates are not working properly, clogged valves, slower processing, and wear on your equipment give us a call. We may be able to help solve your compressed air problems.

Special thanks to Omaha Pneumatic for sharing this application with us!




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