If you are like one of our many customers you may be experiencing one of the following problems with your compressed air:

  • Pneumatic tool seal problems- where air tool seals crack due to excessive moisture or oil.
  • Experiencing water and/or condensation in air lines, also have problems oil contamination.
  • Propane heater needed in the winter due to air lines freezing-up?
  • Moisture-laden contaminants freezing up my air lines?
  • Compressor is putting out water causing air guns to spit out water or moisture.

Air line moisture contamination, line freeze-ups, tool seal problems are all issues where Van Air Systems compressed air dryers can offer an affordable solution. Van Air Systems Deliquescent dryers prevent downtime, money, material loss, and winter freeze-ups.

Single Tower Deliquescent Compressed Air Dryers are the Solutions to Problematic Electric & Diesel Air Compressors

Condensation in any air compressor, moisture separator vessel, or dryer receiver can often lead to replacement. Additionally, as electric or diesel compressed air lines age, dirt can accumulate in the air lines by water being carried over to the piping system, resulting in rusting or rotting from the inside out. Van Air Systems’ Deliquescent D-Series Dryers remove those harmful toxins and eliminate water from compressed air lines, reducing any condensation or rusting. With no moving parts or electrical components, D-Series Compressed Air Dryers can be applied with confidence in dirty and hazardous locations. Sometimes known as “salt dryers” or “desiccant dryers,” deliquescent compressed air dryers also protect against freeze-ups in the winter and liquid in the summer. D-Series Compressed Air Dryers may be installed inside or outside, and with a pressure drop less than 1% of the operating pressure, they are ideal for low-pressure applications.

While some people choose to use separator tanks or a compressor with an aftercooler because of their cheaper upfront costs, this is not always enough to reduce moisture in the air lines and can cost more with replacements and maintenance down the road. Installing a deliquescent dryer after the compressor or a will aftercooler allow for the air to pass through an extra barrier, producing quality dry air for any application. Wet compressed air enters the bottom of the deliquescent dryer and flows upward through a bed of deliquescent desiccant, which absorbs moisture as it slowly dissolves. Condensate drops to the bottom of the vessel to be drained. Dry compressed air then exits the top of the dryer vessel, which keeps air tools working without moisture or freeze-ups.

Issues with Reciprocating/Piston Compressors? Natural Gas Pipeline Deliquescent Dryers Are The Economical & Effective Solution

Reciprocating compressors, otherwise known as piston compressors suffer from premature failure, freeze-ups, and other issues when used or placed incorrectly. Customers frequently complain of water causing regulators, valves and tools to fail prematurely

Van Air Systems Deliquescent D-Series Dryers are best suited for compressed air dryers, Much like the D-Series, Van Air Systems offer an alternative for natural gas dehydration. In Natural Gas Applications common problems include black soot forming around gas appliances and pilot lights blowing out due to moisture in the gas. The pipeline deliquescent dryer (PLD) is an economical and effective solution for gas dehydration while preventing gas line freeze-ups, black soot, premature failures, and other common issues.

Van Air’s PLD dryers:

  • Require No Power
  • Have no moving parts
  • Have a 10-year vessel warranty
  • Work with pressures between 280-1450 PSIG
  • Meet pipeline moisture specifications

Pipeline deliquescent dryers are excellent in preventing hydrate formation and reducing emissions from traditional TEG dehydrators. Commonly, PLDs are placed at wellheads to protect meters and regulators.

Deliquescent Desiccants Used in Compressed Air & Gas Dryers Provide Proper Dew Points for Compressed Air and Natural Gas

Along with deliquescent compressed air and natural gas dryers, Van Air offers deliquescent desiccants for an extra layer of protection in eliminating moisture. Knowing the application, the air supply, and how dry the air needs to be is critical in drying applications. In compressed air, the pressure dew point is the temperature at which moisture starts to condense at a given pressure.  By lowering the pressure dew point of the compressed air to a point that is lower than the lowest temperature that air lines and equipment are exposed to will prevent all moisture from condensing in the lines downstream.

The Deliquescent Dryer will eliminate your moisture problems. Choosing the best Van Air Systems deliquescent desiccant for your dryer depends upon the application and what is being dried. Van Air System provides customers with Dry-O-Lite deliquescent desiccant for most air applications. Deliquescent desiccants are a dependable, cost-effective, and energy-free tool for a wide range of industrial drying applications. In most compressed air applications, Dry-O-Lite would be the best solution as it allows for the exit dew point to be 20°F lower than the inlet air temperature to the dryer. This 20°F differential is referred to as the "dew point suppression."

With applications involving the dehydration of natural gas, dew point suppressions of up to 65°F can be attained using more aggressive desiccants, such as SP, 10BF or 4UF. SP is a deliquescent desiccant formulated primarily for the dehydration of natural gas for use in Van Air Systems PLD dryers when the gas temperature is below 80°F. 10BF is the most effective deliquescent desiccant offered by Van Air. It is denser than other desiccants and used primarily for the dehydration of natural gas to meet pipeline quality gas specs. 4UF was developed to meet the lowest dew point requirements when other desiccants cannot. It is used for dryers at shallow pressures, low flow rates, or low temperatures.

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Drying Wet Compressed Air and Natural Gas is simple with Van Air Systems

 Van Air Systems has 75 years of diverse technical experience behind our deliquescent drying technology. Throughout that time, our company has worked to produce a wide array of energy-free products that improve your drying process. Regardless of your industrial dehydration equipment needs, we at Van Air Systems are confident in our abilities to provide cleaner solutions at an economical rate.

Van Air Systems provides more than just an affordable solutions to problematic electric, diesel reciprocating, piston compressors. As a top manufacturer and supplier in our industry, our products continue to act as energy-free alternatives for your commercial coating, blasting, and industrial dehydration needs. Explore our full product line of compressed air and natural gas dryers, automatic drain valves, air and gas filters, and other accessories today.

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