PROBLEM: Recently a customer came to us with a rather unique application.   They are a manufacturer of steel containment tanks for off shore oil platforms. These tanks protect the seas from oil spills.   The tanks are exposed to the ambient conditions of the Gulf Coast.   The tanks are basically in breathing salt laden, high humidity ambient air.   The customer was spending a lot of money to constantly recoat the tanks because of the humid/corrosive environment.  

INDUSTRIES AFFECTED: Shipyards, Off Shore Oil Platforms

SOLUTION:  We worked with the customer to determine how much ambient air was flowing into the tanks because of thermal breathing, which is caused by ambient temperature changes throughout the day.  A single tower dryer Model D8 was recommended along with Van Air Systems 10BF desiccant. As the containment tanks breathe, ambient air is pulled thru the D8 dryer. The 10BF desiccant inside the dryer reduces the relative humidity of the air inside the containment tank to 13%.  This is well below the recommended 35% RH needed to protect metal from corrosion. This solution will save the customer thousands of dollars on material and labor that was previously spent on recoating the containment tanks.







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