Gas Pak Pro Portable Natural Gas Drying System

Are you in the Oil and Gas Industry? Do you need a portable solution for multiple locations? Or do you need a rugged system that can be transported to remote locations with no power available? Van Air Systems introduces the Gas Pak PRO System. A modular dryer system which allows you to select the systems pressure, flow rate and level of complexity right out of the gate, all on your own. If you need a complete solution, with multiple levels of instrumentation and automation, we can help with that as well. This complete PLD skid package is the perfect solution for jobs on the go with no moving parts and no power requirements.

The Gas Pak PRO portable natural gas drying system comes standard with a PLD Series Natural Gas Dryer. This includes a  hammer union closure and 10 year vessel warranty. Van Air Systems PLD Natural Gas Dryers come in standard ratings of 280 psi, 720 psi and 1450 psi. The Gas Pak PRO system is completely portable with a forklift skid and sturdy enough to be lifted overhead by convenient lifting lugs. An OSHA platform ladder with a duel swing safety gate comes standard and provides safe and easy desiccant refilling. Also included are pre and after filters.

These versatile units have been used in applications such as: Offshore Dehydration, Emergency Shut Down Dryers, Fuel Gas Applications, Sales Gas Applications and Various Instrumentation Applications. The industry’s first portable natural gas dehydration system, can be built specifically for your application needs.


Choose the options you would like included in your custom built unit.right-side

Optional accessories include:

  • Magento Level Switch - High Level Alarm monitors liquid level in the reservoir.
  • Pressure Gauge- Ashcroft liquid filled gauges are more reliable than dry gauges.
  • Purge Vent Valve- Allows user to safely depressurize the dryer.
  • PDI with manifold- Measures the differential pressure between the inlet and outlet of the filter.
  • Emergency Bypass Valve - Bypass valves piping and assembly makes adding desiccant and changing elements easier.
  • Modco Closure- Quick opening closure for both Deliquescent Dryers and Filters.
  • Jerguson Liquid Level Gauge -Provides a visual indication of the liquid condensate inside the deliquescent dryer.
  • Relief Valve Assembly - Automatically relieves the pressure in the dryer if the pressure increases beyond the set pressure.


From the many optional accessories available, to the 3 standard dryer pressure ratings we have in stock, we can quickly and effectively produce a custom skid package for hundreds of different application combinations.  Natural Gas Dehydration is made simple with your own customized Gas Pak PRO.

Click here for more information on our Gas Pak PRO. Do you have a custom request? Call  1-800-840-9906 to speak to one of our product representatives now.

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