At last spring is here, and with it comes rising temperatures and humidity.  For compressed air users, this means water in your tools, paint, and abrasive media.

If you run an air compressor 10 horsepower or smaller, consider installing the Moisture Boss.  It’s the new compressed air dryer from Van Air Systems, especially designed for the light industrial and DIY markets.

I designed the Moisture Boss with a few goals.  One, use high quality American-made components.  Two, keep the initial price modest.  Three, offer consumers an operating cost that’s lower than any other point-of-use air dryer.

I’m proud to say, I’ve hit each goal.  The Moisture Boss is heavy duty, affordable, and won’t cost you much at all to operate.

The dryer doesn’t require any electrical power.  Just mount it to the wall, then attach air lines and a drain line.  Apply pressure.  Enjoy the benefits of dry, clean compressed air.  You can run the Moisture Boss intermittently or continuously with up to 35 CFM.

Remember, heat is the enemy of every compressed air dryer.  Hot compressed air contains copious water vapor.  Letting the air cool, thereby condensing lots of water vapor, makes for a more efficient dryer operation.  In an air system with a light duty load reciprocating compressor (i.e. the machine runs for few minutes per hour) the air receiver tank will provided ample cooling.  In heavier duty load systems, you need additional cooling.  Quick tip: If the air line leaving the receiver tank is warm to the touch, the compressed air is probably too hot for a dryer.  Avoid introducing compressed air above 100⁰ F to any dryer.

Either a standalone after-cooler or a minimum twenty-five foot run of copper or aluminum air line will do.  Install a drop leg with a ball valve at the end of this piping run to remove liquid.

See the diagram below showing a recommended Moisture Boss installation.

 MB Blog Diagram

The Moisture Boss ships with an initial charge of Dry-O-Lite® desiccant, wall mounting hardware, and an internal after-filter for removing particulates and oil mist.  Always install the dryer before the pressure regulator.  In systems with heavy oil contamination (usually seen with old reciprocating compressors) consider installing a coalescing filter upstream of the Moisture Boss.  Do not install a lubricator ahead of the dryer.  This will contaminate the desiccant.

Maintenance is simple.  Drain the dryer at the beginning and end of each day.  Add new  Dry-O-Lite® tablets from time to time.  Replace the internal filter element every  3-4 months.

An installation kit is available for added convenience, part number 80-1549.  The kit includes  (2) ¼” NPT drain barb hose fittings, (1) 3’ length ¼” translucent drain hose, (2) drain hose clamps, (1) 3’ chemical resistant poly hose with ½” NPT  brass male ends, one swivel and one static.

That’s all there is to it.  Get your Moisture Boss now before the summer rush.  Here’s where to buy:


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