Traditionally, oil and gas operators used methane driven devices because of the abundance of natural gas available for their valves and the operation of safety devices. However, when those instrumentation actuates they release methane emissions into the atmosphere. With more growing concern on green energy and emission reduction more and more operators are turning to compressed air for their instrumentation needs.

Deliquescent Compressed Air Dryer

Our D-Series Deliquescent Dryer being used at an oil and gas site.

This deliquescent compressed air dryer is located on an oil and gas site. Deliquescent dryers require no electricity, have zero emissions and are able to withstand some of the toughest environments with the ability to be installed indoors and out. The Deliquescent dryer is so versatile it can be used in many different applications. If you are looking to reduce emissions at your well site or oil and natural gas application consider looking into our compressed air dryer.

This post is not to push our deliquescent dryer but to showcase emissions control and their are ways to have green energy in the natural gas industry. Utilizing compressed air for your instrumentation at your wellhead along with pairing that compressed air with a durable compressed air dryer just may reduce your carbon footprint and help reduce global emissions.

For more information on our deliquescent dryer or for help with your application please feel free to call us and speak to our application specialist at 1-800-840-9906.

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