Van Air Systems Products are built to last. Van Air Systems has been manufacturing products for the treatment of compressed air and natural gas since 1944.   We know that reliability matters and we stand behind our products. Our compressed air and natural gas filters are backed by a Lifetime warranty. Our compressed air deliquescent dryers are backed by a 10 year vessel warranty. Our very popular Blast Pak PRO portable air drying system has a 15 year pro-rated warranty, one of the best in the industry for portable dryers!

With that said, whether our products are new or old we are always here to help and offer solutions. Whether its ordering replacement parts, finding old manuals or literature for vintage products or helping to offer a new solution - our team does it all.

One of the highlights of our Inside Sales Representative - Angie's job is getting calls from customers who are still utilizing vintage Van Air Systems Products. Take a look at some of the inquiries Angie gets on a daily basis.

This month I personally have had inquires on 3 vintage Van Air Products:

First was a Hydro-Cool aftercooler from the 1970’s.  Customer purchased the item at auction and just had a few questions on the capacity of the unit.  We were able to provide our 1979 literature piece that answered all of his questions.

That same week I had an inquiry for a gasket and hatch cover for a 1986 Van Air Systems D12 deliquescent dryer located in Northeastern Ohio.   Very intrigued that this unit was 35 years old and still in a facility getting the job done.

Lastly and just this week a company in Montreal, Canada called to talk about the value of a 1971 Van Air Dryer.  Again, a single tower deliquescent type dryer still getting noticed as the long lasting work horse. I’m always fascinated in doing the research when these type of inquires come in.  I’ve been with Van Air Inc for 25 years and still learning.  I’m always proud to hear we have quality units in use for decades.

Custom Deliquescent DryerVan Air Systems has always been willing to do that special one-off dryer needed for a unique application.  Can’t tell you the exact year of this photo (late 1990’s) but I was privileged to follow this big custom deliquescent air dryer from receipt of order, through production and loaded on the truck for it’s wide dedicated haul to it’s final destination. Hope to keep talking quality Van Air Systems products for another 25 years to come (wink wink)

If you have a vintage Van Air Systems Product and need assistance or are just looking for a solution for your compressed air or gas system, give us a call Angie and the Sales Team at Van Air Systems is ready to help you.

Have an old Van Air Systems Product? Send us a photo, we would love to see it and feature it on our website!


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