With the summer ending and cooler months upon us, it's that time those that use our 10BF for the dehydration of Natural Gas may think to start refilling their deliquescent dryers with desiccant. 10BF is the most effective deliquescent desiccant from Van Air Systems. Formulated primarily for the dehydration of natural gas and for use in Van Air Systems Pipeline Dryers, 10BF is a dense hygroscopic tablet that absorbs water vapor.  However with the rising prices of this desiccant many are trying to find different solutions. One particular desiccant we have had a people inquire about is our very own 4UF desiccant. This desiccant is known as the ultimate performance desiccant. Natural gas or process gas dehydration at low pressures, low flow rates, and / or low temperatures can be very difficult. Most conventional salt-type absorbent desiccants are unable to adequately dry gas to low water content under these conditions. 4UF was developed to meet low dew point requirements when other desiccants or glycols cannot. So what does that mean? It works very well! But for those that are used to 10BF desiccant this may work a little too well and end up costing you more money in the end. Even with the current prices of 10BF.

We put together a little example to explain how 10BF works compared to 4UF. This shows you the differences of the 2 desiccants and why those that are currently using 10BF should not switch to try and cut costs. It may hurt your pocket even more by switching to 4UF.

Take a look at our video "Why you should NOT use 4UF in place of 10BF desiccant."

For more information on our Deliquescent desiccant and which type would be best suited for your application please feel free to call us at 1-800-840-9906.

Which kind of desiccant do you need? Watch this video.


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