ABTS Lely Center provides and supports Wisconsin dairy farmers with a variety of dairy production equipment.  ABTS certainly appreciates the importance of clean dry compressed air when installing and maintaining their Lely robotic milking systems.  These robotic milking systems operate pneumatically around the clock, throughout the year in all sorts of extreme atmospheric conditions.  They experience the extreme heat of summer and the frigid cold of the winter.  Sensitive solenoids on the robotics rely on two ‘oil free’ compressors working intermittently.  The solenoids are quite sensitive to moisture and dirt.  Without proper moisture removal the valves inevitably freeze in the winter and foul in the summer.  Breakdowns in milking are unacceptable.

Prior to using the Van Air Systems deliquescent dryer, a heatless regenerative dryer was being utilized at this dairy.  While the regenerative dryer was keeping the system free of moisture, the excessive purge required for regeneration starved the robot of air.   It required the two compressors to work constantly to keep up with demand of the regenerative dryer.   This excessive operation would eventually lead to an early retirement of the compressors.

Van Air Systems recommended a D8 deliquescent dryer which requires no electricity or purge air to operate.  Recognizing the value of his on-site chiller system, Owner Greg Abts introduced a chiller/pre-cooler directly in front of the D8 dryer.  The blue tubing wrapped in a coil is the pre-cooler.  This pre-cooler eliminates the heat of compression from the incoming air and sets up a consistent and ideal approach temperature for the D8 Deliquescent Air Dryer.   This ensures that the Dry-O-lite desiccant within the dryer can achieve its desired intention year-round; Suppressing the dew point and allowing no moisture to condense downstream.

Today this dairy operates without the worry of freeze ups and unnecessary air loss.  Extended compressor life and unwanted downtime are in the past.  Cost savings is an obvious result of this Van Air Systems Deliquescent Compressed Air Dryer system.

With no air loss and requiring no electricity, the Van Air Systems D8 compressed air dryer operates with very little maintenance required.  Simply check the Deliquescent Dryer's site window once every 4-6 weeks to ensure Dry-O-Lite levels are maintained.  Draining the dryer once per shift becomes automatic using the incredibly robust Van Air System’s MDV-400 automatic drain valve.

Special thanks to Greg Abts and the ABTS Lely Center for the application spotlight.


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