First let’s first get back to the basics and discuss what does Deliquescent Desiccant mean?

Deliquesce means to dissolve. Desiccant is a drying agent. So Deliquescent Desiccant is a drying agent that dissolves.

Did you know? Van Air Systems has more than 65 years of experience developing desiccant formulas right here in the USA at our headquarters in Lake City, PA? We are the original and leading manufacturer of deliquescent desiccants for drying compressed air and natural gas. Van Air Systems Deliquescent desiccant is dependable, cost-effective & energy-free.

Van Air Systems offers three different types of Deliquescent Desiccants, Dry-O-Lite, SP and 10 BF. Each desiccant is formulated to meet different specifications. So how do you choose the desiccant that is right for you? You need to know the application in which you will be using it and the dew point suppression that you would like to achieve. Dry-O-lite is used for drying compressed air, where SP and 10BF are primarily used for drying natural gas applications. Dry-O-Lite offers a dew point suppression of 20°F, SP has a 30°F dew point suppression and 10BF offers a 50-60°F dew point suppression.


DRY-O-LITE Deliquescent Desiccant - Most affordable, industry leading desiccant.

Deliquescent Desiccants can be used in a variety of applications. DRY-O-LITE  can be used in Abrasive Blasting & Painting, Portable Air Drying, Ready Mix and Concrete plants, Fuel Gas and with Woodworking applications. SP Deliquescent Desiccant is used for High Pressure – Low Pressure Sales Gas, Fuel Gas Dehydration and Instrument Dehydration. Van Air Systems 10BF is the most effective for drying compressed air and natural gas. It’s used in Fuel gas and Instrument Gas Dehydration, 10BF meets pipeline gas moisture specifications, lowers dew point of biogas and is used in remote outdoor locations without electricity.

Now is the time to save big when purchasing Van Air Systems desiccants! The more you buy the more you save! Van Air Systems is now offering volume based discounts on all our Deliquescent Desiccant. Purchase 10 bags or a skid and receive a volume based discount! For more information on our deliquescent desiccants click here.

To find a distributor of desiccant near you please click here or call 1-800-840-9906 to purchase your bulk order of desiccant today!

For more details on our desiccant pricing and or to view our complete compressed air product line, click here to view our full product catalog.







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