A customer we recently worked with needed to control the moisture content for an unique manufacturing process of high end graphic cards. They were using compressed air and needed makes sure the air was dry before it went into the water-cooled condenser. The water-cooled condenser was used to cool the socket boards of the graphic cards that they produce.

Computer Motherboard and graphics cards, bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency

Van Air Systems recommended they install an F200 Pre-filter and an Inline Desiccant dryer before the water-cooling condenser. This way they will now have dry air throughout the manufacturing process. This is an extremely easy and affordable fix to ensure that their manufacturing process was free from downtime.


So take a moment to think about that…

Van Air Systems dryers and filters were used for computer graphic chips and socket board moisture control. It’s 2022, think about how many different electronic manufacturers are out there use graphic cards? Desktops, Laptops, Gaming computers, motherboards, cell phones, etc. Think of all of these manufacturers. Do they have the dry air they need for their manufacturing process?

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